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Bad News For People Who Love Good News and Good News For People Who Love Good News

The editing of GREEKS is complete, but I want to re-record two of the voiceovers. Unfortunately, I can't do this until I am back in New Port Richey on October 23rd. However, I will still mail a copy to all those who requested one. It'll just take a little longer than expected. Sorry about the inconvenience.

On a more positive note, Hot Water Music's new album, "The New What Next," comes out this Tuesday. I've heard a few songs from it, and it's good stuff, different from all of their other albums, but with the same basic principles. Jimmy Eat World's new album, "Futures," and Ted Leo and The Pharmacists' new album, "Shake The Streets" both come out on October 19th. Ted Leo's doing a free show in Tallahsee on the 26th, so it should be a rocking next couple of months.

Once again, thank you to all who have shown interest in the movie.

Just something to think about.

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