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TOP 10 not by Alan Moore

So I usually list my top ten albums of the year and describe what makes each one great in my eyes, but for now I'll just list them. Here it goes:

My Top Ten Albums of 2005
1. Kanye West - "Late Registration"
2. The Decemberists - "Picaresque"
3. Sufjan Stevens - "Illinoise"
4. My Morning Jacket - "Z"
5. M.I.A. - "Arular"
6. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals - "Cold Roses"
7. Stars - "Set Yourself On Fire"
8. Foo Fighters - "In Your Honor"
9. Spoon - "Gimme Fiction"
10. Dangerdoom - "The Mouse And The Mask"

I also enjoyed Bruce Springsteen's "Devils In Dust," Ben Folds' "Songs For Silverman," Three 6 Mafia's "Most Known Unknown," and Wilco's live album "Kicking Television." I was dissappointed by new efforts from Deathcab for Cutie, Coldplay, and especially Weezer (their worst album EVER), and I thought Antony and the Johnsons were overrated.

Happy Holidays!

Just something to think about.

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